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Commercial use of Renewable Energy

Commercial use of Renewable Energy 

Renewable energy represents a viable alternative to grid sourced electricity for most sections of Commerce and Industry. In all cases there is an environmental benefit to an appropriately installed system, in the majority of cases, the installation can show real cost and business benefits.

Solar Water Heating can be more appropriate for commercial activities where a regular supply of hot water is required during the daylight hours rather than the domestic environment where there is a need to balance storage of hot water for use in the morning and evening with generation during the day. 

Electricity generated from solar electric panels is available during the hours of business, a Solar PV installation can be tailored to provide electricity up to the normal level of consumption, thus there is no requirement for export metering nor associated administration.

Perhaps the most appropriate installation would be Wind Turbines, in particular where there is a continuous process. Though the majority of energy might still be grid fed, 100% of the electricity from a tailored wind turbine system would supplant mains fed electricity. Thus the relative value of the per Kwh wind generated electricity would be the same as the 'delivered' value of mains electricity.

Though the capital cost of renewable energy installations might appear un-economic. For the business user there are grants and significant tax incentives. 

BrightLightSolar has many years of experience in energy and utility cost management including understanding the grant application process and tax incentives available. We are able to provide a full service including identifying and sourcing additional funding, recommending and installing the most approriate renewable energy equipment 

As more areas are linked to the expanding GSM network the need for reliable, remote power increases.

The power required by GSM transmitters, receivers and Microwave links is reducing as technologies improve. This means that solar energy in this field is becoming more and more competitive and cost effective, especially as a carefully designed solar power system will provide uninterrupted power 365 days a year.

Systems of this type operate by charging a large battery bank when the sun shines. This stores energy for cloudy days and for operation at night time.

Regional solar data is used to provide monthly average forecasts for power output from the solar and using the worst solar month as a base line a system can be dsigned that will provide clean, reliable power to the equipment all year round.

Since each piece of equipment is slightly different in the way it operates and the precise amount of power it consumes, and because every area of the world has quite different sunshine levels, it is necessary to take each application on a case by case basis.

If you have a potential Telecoms application then we would be pleased to hear from you and would be happy to work with you to produce a solar power system engineered for your application. Please use the questionnaire provided to give all the relevant details.  
Businesses around the world are discovering that solar can provide real advantages as a source of power generation. 

If your business is located in an area that lacks a reliable supply of grid electricity, you should consider solar for your needs. Bright Light Solar Ltd has the technical and practical expertise to deliver cost-effective energy solutions to your business. Our systems can be used either by themselves or in conjunction with an alternative (but intermittent) energy source - such as grid electricity or diesel generation.

Please contact us for further details.  

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